IMG-20150805-WA0195Hey lovelies…….hope you all had fun during the holiday.I did as well and that pretty much Sam’s up why I have been into hiding.2015 came with its best and negative sides.Let me just share the positiveness that came with it and hope for the a better 2016.ooooh February 29 babies……I know the excitement is real


This was the year that i begun sharing my personal style and lifestyle tips.I must admit it has been my joy to put up my style here.The feedback that i have been getting from you guys have been amazing as well.

at the same time blogging came with its challenges,when i begun i thought it was all about combining trendy clothes and posing for the camera but trust me its way beyond that.You guys get to see the final product but don’t have an idea of what bloggers go through to put it up.

2-Proffesional photography

i managed to get myself a professional photography as well and had so much fun in the process.I have to thank Brian Kedemi for the shoot and a wonderful friend for the makeup.if you follow me on instargam then i bet  you know who am talking about.

3-Finished my internship

Remember when i was up and down looking for official outfits ……that am about to share with you as well.This was the reason and after 3 months of having to wake up earlier than usual including weekends by the way.i finally cleared and with good recommendations.Thanking God for this.well this leads me to the next one.

5-cleared the first phase of my studies.well as my papa puts it one can never be done with books.The fact that I was studying something that i am so passionate about made things even more fun…….and yeah it has to do with camera and pictures.

6-Doll myself

I don’t know about you but this is important to me.when the year begun and I had to attend a special something like an outing with Mrb…..(yeah there is a bae in hiding somewhere) I would always get late as I would do the make up around 5 times,but now am always good to go with the first one.

7-Turned 20

Yesterday January 1 marked my 20th birthday and I was more than happy.The love from family and friends……what else can I ask for.I just want to thank you guys for all the love and messages.I am so grateful.

This are just a few of what happened in 2015…..I will not make this post long so will post the second half of this soon.







You know of those days that you wake up with a little extra weight on. Those days that everything that you put on looks smaller and tighter…????Well……this was that day for me, all my pants were not fitting. Then I decided to flaunt my mama given curves .A black trouser and this orange top did magic. For this kind of days one can also opt for a body Flowing maxi dress or figure hanging clothes.


Bag_Hannah Rehman

Photography_Brian kedemi

IMG_0007.jpgThis was the first time I was putting on this trouser with this top, I must admit I wasn’t disappointed.


This little side bag from Hannah Rehman would be perfect for the day and gives my outfit a more girlish look.


The last time I checked I was looking for a plus size modeling agency or rather they were looking for me. And yes am in,click the subscribe If you agree.


This neck piece was enough jewellery for the day, it is my current favorite by the way. Do I need to ask you to look at my shoes and see how perfect they look together…?????well… I already did.


A little makeup would do for this outfit.


How did it take me this long to know that this clothes from my closet would make such a pretty model on the run way……….sips juice…….I mean look how well they blended such a pretty model on the run way.

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Is it just me or this year went pretty fast..??????The cold season is already gone and we just ushered in the month of September(Which happens to be my baby nephew’s birthday……eagerly waiting for the cake cutting part,That reminds me am on the look for what I will put on as baby Jay turns two…….anybody someone please.)

Well…….that being said,I decided to do a post on this set of bag from Hannah Rehman.I must admit I love it….ooops them….that is for you to decide.This set of bag comes in six parts of which all are girlish and that’s what I love about them plus they come in different colours.Get the right one for an occasion and you are good to go,things become even better if you get the right accessories.With this you are good to go.

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Bags-Hannah Rehman

Photogarahy-Brian Kedemi checkout his work on instagram @kedi-photographyIMG_9938.jpgIMG_9939.jpgPair it with the right shoes and you are good to go.

IMG_9927.jpgThe big one can carry almost everything.

This can fit all the girl must have in a bag.Makes it suitable for a date or on your way to the salon when you don’t want to carry a heavy bag.
Are you worried on what bag to carry for that date…….This little white bag got you covered.
I love the fact fact that this package came with a little token…….You don’t have to worry about key holders anymore.
This is a perfect wallet that comes with your bag………It’s actually big for a wallet hence can fit some must have things like wipes,pocket tissue and mint.
The bags come in a variety and suits whatsoever occasion you want…..
I found this the most comfortable…….It looks small but trust me it fits everything.This is a grab and go type of bag.

IMG_9931.jpgGrab this for that date and you are good to go.


Well…….it never occurred to me that I would someday step out in this.Growing up the thought of official I knew it was strictly black and the dull colours,I have had this dress in my closet for the longest period of time and pulled it out for my first office outfit…..I went for my current favorite red shoes and paired it up with a black jacket and white….(designer)…..mark that designer handbag….(just for the record.)I tried keeping this looks as simple as I could for an office wear,I must admit I really enjoyed my blue moments with this dress during the shoot.

If you have never seen me in this blazer then you ain’t my friend……This is that part of my closet that is always in my handbag.(I know I gotta stop.)Just applied for an internship and if things go well you will be seeing more of this office girl along your street.

Tricky is an understatement of what I went through in choosing this title,first I had the office girl I bet you have seen a lot of that up there.Then came Blue me away coz the dress is blue……Then came the ideal outfit and  finally I settled for this.

dress-Hope designers



Handbag-Hannah Rehman

Photography-Brian Kedemi

l loved how the blue was standing out.
This little key pack came with the bag.
This neck piece is just one of a kind
A little makeup to add glamour to the office look.


IMG_9948.jpgBlue,red and white never goes wrong.

IMG_9939.jpgI tried to keep the look more vibrant by pairing the white handbag with this red shoes.


IMG_9973.jpgAnd when it gets hot you can get rid of the coat.



IMG_9970.jpgSee another shade that kedi made.

Isn’t he just one of a kind?

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I believe you already have an idea why the title freeze and shine.You have to agree with me this location is breath taking,a little heaven on earth,the environment and everything about it……. That little gate worked magic.well…….am currently very obsessed with skater dresses……i mean very and trust me they are worth my obsession no matter your size you have a reason to smile in them.Pair it with the right accessories  and you are good to go.

You might want to know a little history of this colorful little skater dress.On this particular day I  was  hunting for flat shoes cause currently I don’t own any pair…….thanks to Steve for selling nice heels at an affordable price.Talking of the heels,(God please let me not pass by Steve’s  shop today…….did I just hear an Amen.)Back to the dress,I fell in love with the colour at first then when I went closer I saw the laces then the waist line ………Upon trying it on it was perfect I thought of going home in it…….then I remembered grandma’s rule(if its new wash it first .)

I know you now agree with me,the break was worth it but am now here to stay……The photographer’s work is more than amazing I must admit I was overwhelmed.  Let the talk continue……WHAT IS YOUR CURRENT OUTFIT OBSESSION?????Comment below and let me know what you think….

Photographer-Brian Kedemi……..check his amazing work on instagram @Kedi_photography.

Skater dress-Hope designers.

Shoes-Steve’s shop……..along moi avenue.


This gate did us a lot of good than harm……I must admit I so want this in my future home.
So I can make a good model too…….any agency please……THANK YOU
I have to thank someone so dear for this necklace……..How did you know it would match my lil skater dress…
The actual colour of this dress is orange but hey……ain’t Brian good at his work…..next i might feature the shades of Brian……how he alters the colour to make a brand new look
This shoes are not only trendy but also so comfortable,trust me I almost forgot I was in heels…….you gotta try them out.
The choice of my hairstyle was at it’s best
I tried to capture some of the dark moments to bring out the evening scenery
This is what I love about scater dresses I get to flaunt them.
Dear environment I think am falling for you……No heart breaks please
Hats of for Brian this guy knows his job.
My makeup was done by Kahumbi-Check him out on instargram @Kahumbi-kahumbi
Hair details…..Elegance salon
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As we bid july goodbye i just want to share some of my addiction this month.Gone too soon hun…..(july)this has been one of the best month for me this year as i got to learn a lot of things.To begin with i got a photographer he’s work is amazing and i just can’t wait to share his work over here with you…….just wait and see.Back to my addiction.

1;LITTLE ORANGE DRESS-I got this little orange skater dress and am in love with it.I got it early this month and i have worn it every single week,in different styles though…..hope people didn’t notice this.I just can’t wait to do a post on it,you can’t miss on this.

2;INSTAGRAM-I know……..this shouldn’t be a part of this but i just cant stop.In a span of one month i have been able to gain 2000 followers.Thanks to my followers,try stop by for amazing pictures @agness aluoch.

3;SMOOTHIES-I swear if someone would have asked me to take this a month ago I wouldn’t have taken it but now i can take it the whole day try have some.

Am trying to make this as short as possible but i have a lot of things to work on,plus i have taken a long break and i have a lot to share what i have been up to.

4;JEWELLERY SHOPPING-I recently found this joint that sell good fancy jewels at an affordable price and I can’t stop passing by any time I feel like I need something new in my jewellery box.Hope this little act of mine will not end up draining me.

5;THE LADY LOVES COUTURE-Yep…..you got it right the lady loves couture,this is where the term obsession can fit as i am obsessed with her fashion.

6;Finally looking forward to posting things often as i have planed everything after this long period of time.You cant miss on this.

BYEEEEE……..JULY…..AND HERE COMES HELLO AUGUST…….Featuring more pictures



On my last post I worked on purse must have part one.This is just a continuation of what was to be part of that…….I know i left a lot of things out plus the previous purse was quite empty right…..?????well…..here is what was left.

1;CHARGER-Who doesn’t carry a charger around when they have smart phones.You never know where your battery will run low and when you will need your charger.Remember you cant go round asking people to lend you chargers.

2;CAMERA-I love pictures and i tend to assume that all ladies do.When am enjoying one of my good days i can take an average of 20 pictures a day.Is that too much….????this includes pictures of me,my family,friends or even nature.Who knows when you will pump into that old friend with good memories to share…..plus we need to show our great grand children what life and the environment looked like during our time.If you have a phone that has a clear camera the better.

3;PERFUME-no one loves to walk around with bad ordure,the more reason you shouldn’t forget to keep that flowery girly like scented perfume in your purse.well…..you can choose one with a scent that you love but for me feminine perfume will always do.

4;POCKET TISSUE-Should i say why you need this…….i bet all ladies should carry wipes and pocket tissues always  for one reason or another.

5;MINT-You cant go around with bad breath and this is a NO…NO….for everyone,who would want to walk or talk to someone with bad breath.Bad breath can cause low self esteem to individuals so watch out drop some mint in that trolley the next time you are in that supermarket.

6;NOTEBOOK AND A PEN-This is a must have for everyone.You may want to write down something that might take long to save on your phone,plus i know you will want to use this during the day……take my advice carry it along next time.

7;HAIRBAND/HAIRPINS-I hate bad hair days……no matter how smart I look they just have to spoil my outfit,remember no outfit is complete with a bad hair do.During the day your hairstyle may spoil…you need the hairpins to re-do it depending on the occasion.

8;STYLISH SUNGLASSES-Not everyone loves to include sunglasses in their outfit but just try it out,it works magic you might end up loving it and even getting more.

9;POWDER-This can also fall under my previous post(make up kit)instead of walking around with oily face just try apply some powder of your choice.this works better for those with oily skin.

10;AN EXTRA PAIR OF SHOE-If you are a person that loves heels like i do please consider this.During the day you  may get tired of walking on those six inch heels.Simple sandals will take you a long way take one that is not heavy and can perfectly fit in your bag.

I bet the purse is now full with the part one and two combined.Are there things you carry in your purse that i didn’t mention above…?????Lets keep on talking comment below and tell me of posts you would want me to work on.



Monday mornings tend to be gloomy for most people,whining over the end of the weekend but for me,as I begun this week I had positive vibes all round and it started with my look.It got heads turning,(not bragging-hehe…).I made a point of starting off  the week right and damn did this i love this look.It captured an official look both sophisticated yet simple.1435780893033This is the look you should pull on Mondays as it is comfortable and trendy…..the heels though….. be sure to carry flats along(ahem ahem….)ladies you know what i mean.1435836102614I fell in love with this lipstick from the time I saw it and trust me i have no regrets.It complimented my outfit perfectly.1435780891798




Skirt-Ngara market

Lipstick-Random shop along moi avenue


Shoes-Toy market


Handbag-Hope designers



Father’s day is here again and  am cracking my head on what to get dad this time round,tings would have been easier if it was mam as i would just walk in a mall and grab some chocolates,perfume,handbag of even a nice dinner dress.Last time i took  dad out to eat some Mbuzi [goat meat] it was a one day thing and i bet by the next morning he had forgotten that we had a father daughter outing the day before.Here is a list of some of the things you can get your papa this father’s day and watch him smile throughout the year.

1;CARD-You can never go wrong with a card in any event.Like old times he would hang it on the wall for friends to see that he wasn’t forgotten on father’s day,he would probably want to make his friends jealous.

2;CARD HOLDER-No male person wants to go through there wallet just looking for an ATM card.This would be a perfect gift as he would remember the source anytime he gets some business cards.Who wouldn’t want to see their papa smile each time they reach for their pockets…..???????If you find a brown leather one it would even be better.

3;SHAVING SET-This would include the shaver,powder and the after shave lotion not forgetting the disinfectants.If your dad loves doing it alone without the help of the barber then this is the most appropriate gift to get him.He will never forget that you gave it to him each morning he uses it.

4;WRIST WATCH-Have you ever seen a man walks out of the room without a wrist watch…?????I bet on very minimal occasions.Although they keep us waiting for so long they always have them on.Maybe they just ran out of time or forget about the date…….Am smiling as i write this coz i just got the gift to get my papa.Am imagining the look that will be on his face when he replies after being asked by friends and colleagues where he got such an expensive wrist watch.My uncle would die of envy…….talking of my uncle i have to get him one too…….and my other uncle from mom’s side and uncle kaki…….oh no too many uncles meaning wider budget why me…..!!!!!!

5;SHOES-Actually this should have been my number 1 but as long as its on the list………..just make sure you get the right size and color.Wait can we make our dad’s where lofas?too bad they will still put them on with socks and kill the fashion.

6;WALLET-You know your dad is African when he has to counter check the money that he is giving you three times before he hands it over to you.This will change the moment he realizes that the money is coming from your wallet……trust me try it out.

7;BELT-Gone are the days when our fathers own only one belt yet you can get some at 100 bob in Gikomba market.Why not treat him on this special day with a leather belt from Jade collection or from Mr price its not as expensive as you are made to think and trust me he will like it.

8;WHISKY WHISKY AND WHISKY-Do you approve of your dad’s drinking?????well i don’t but on this special day why not treat him with some expensive wine and make him your amarulah.

9;TAKE HIM OUT FOR SOME NYAMA CHOMA NEAR A POOL-This has to be somewhere with some Rhumba music and green grass with warm tusker or maybe cold.The main agenda is to push him in the pool and save him later as you know how to swim even while in the deep end.Watch him drawn for a while and save him after few minutes,make sure he doesn’t realize it was your agenda…….waaaaaa you are already his hero.When caught don’t mention me at any cost.

10;FOOTBALL MATCH OR A MOVIE-Take him out to watch a match when his favorite team is playing.Just pray they don’t loose on this day plus oooh my he cant afford to know you drink so you have to seep your soda preferably a coke with your name on it until the match ends.For this day remember no suitors for you coz dad is around.


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